Our Story

The Beginning

Superior Clothing Company was founded in 2021 when two friends sought to share their love of Michigan and all of its unique cities, natural wonders, and its hardworking and down to earth culture through the form of clothing. One of the friends noticed on a shopping trip that the stores he visited had clothing featuring the names and pictures of other locations across the world, but had none that featured anything from Michigan. Thus, Superior Clothing Company was born. We decided to start a business that made clothing that was fashionable, modern and featured a reference to Michigan in some way. We wanted to create clothing that people would want to wear in everyday life, while still being able to represent their love for Michigan in a subtle and stylish way. 

The Name

Superior Clothing Company owes its name to the biggest freshwater lake in the world. With a surface area of over 31,000 square miles and a maximum depth of 1,333 feet, Lake Superior certainly lives up to its name. We chose the name "Superior" to represent the superiority of Michigan as well as the clothes we produce. We are proud of our home state and know that most people who live here feel the same way. Michigan truly is the superior state.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create stylish, modern, and striking clothing that features the cities, culture, natural wonders, and symbols of Michigan. We seek to share our love of Michigan with our customers through our products and to foster a genuine relationship with our local and statewide communities. We aim to create a superior product that allows our customers to express their passion for our state through their clothing. 



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